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Are you not a 9 to 5 person? Are you tired of your everyday routine? Do you wish to travel around the world and relish special colors of life? Well, if your answer is ‘Yes’, don’t think you’re crazy! You don’t need to be a rich! You’re most likely different; you’re perhaps an individual who wants to live an extraordinary adventurous life; you’re perhaps a born traveler!


Living a life of travel, all over the world, is utterly possible with little money and no taxis st thomas usvi… So, never think that you can’t organize this life. Though, I’m not an avid traveler, however, I’ve experienced an incredible travelling life, and I’ve formed friendships with those professional travelers who possess the secrets of all-time travelling… Luckily, during my tours, I asked them so many questions – regarding living a life of travel, and they shared various nuggets of gold; their advice opened my mind to that level where I began to perceive why some people say that travelling is a million times more essential than reading books. It’s surprising and eye-opening; I jotted down all the advices, and today I’m going to share them with you so that you can live the life of dreams – a life of travelling!



Travel in Your Young Age

That’s the most important advice I received from more or less all professional, credible travelers. Most of them nearly yelled with passion that the best time to travel is your young age; even if you have a few days, never waste them; just opt for the destination and go; read the other pages of your life; do those things which can paint your life more beautiful.


Paul, a 46 year old professional traveler, ran into me in Rio de Janeiro with his nine more adult friends, told me that, “if you wish to travel, travel in your young age, because your early life is the occasion of utter authority; you get what you wish; you do what you want.” That’s a rather deep conversation, and regarding other important topics too, related to travel, but that time I realized that why travelling in young is so important. It’s not only Mark that compelled me to think about it. However, it won’t be wrong to say that, he actually was the one who influenced me to write this piece. Since, according to him, most people don’t perceive why travelling at a young age is so important, and why we should travel, more and more, over and over, in that age. It’s probably because the passion of our early life, or the weight of building a beautiful future, doesn’t allow us to do that. But, when elderly age signs the death warrants of our youth, it’s that time when we realize that we have neglected so many things. And, that time we regret a lot.


Apart from this, according to Paul, there are countless reasons to travel in young age.


For instance:

* Polishes Your Perception: Yes! That’s right. The more you travel, the more you polish your perception; when you see the astonishing splendor of the sunsets above oceans, eagles flying over mountains, monkeys dancing through the trees, and volcanoes breathing the blazing breaths, your soul and mind awake and paint the world in an utterly new perspective. And, consequently, this thing helps you to decipher how you want to act in your life; you comprehend that there is no lone way to live a lifetime. In fact, there’re so many ways; there are so many opportunities which can grant you the best and the most loving life.


* Makes You an Interesting Person: What if you knew thousands of people like one of the expats over at Lebanon Expats? What if you have a thousand interesting things to say? Would you ever appear boring? No! You won’t! In fact, people would love to spend time in your company. When you travel in your younger years, you appear worldly wise and well-informed, which is an immensely attractive trait; you always have a lot of things to talk about which impel people to assume that you’re a special and independent soul, and you have a clear edge over others; you become the piece of every gathering; people unconsciously treat you as the leader and offer you luxurious attention. When you have these advantages in young age, you inhale and exhale the breaths of happiness entire life; you live and walk like a superstar.


*  Develop New Friendships: In young age, you’re more likely to build up new friendships rapidly; you enhance your lifestyle by finding out those people who share the same interests as you. If you constantly feel that you don’t know who you are, or you need to find yourself, then you can’t do that from the comfort of your home. Just travel! That’s how you would find yourself and understand the meaning of your life. I’ve seen many young people who’ve transformed into utterly new people by meeting new, and more suitable, groups of friends during travelling; some youngsters even found the loves of their life and living a happy married life now.


What If I’m Not Young?

Well, it can be challenging, but it won’t be impossible to relish the life, of course; travelling is immensely favorable in the older age too when it comes to flourish your physical and mental strength. However, there are a few things that banish the chances of pure fun in old age. For instance: family responsibilities, business demands, and hectic lifestyle, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you’re super rich, or you’re an average person, these things just play an important role in elderly age. Apart from this, when you’re not young, you think a lot before taking any action; you perceive that you don’t have many opportunities to pick up new hobbies; you espouse only those hobbies which you can handle according to your comfort. For instance: you avoid participating in extreme sports, such as hiking, surfing, and kayaking etc. You also don’t easily socialize with modern culture and hunt for those people who share your ideas and frame of mind… These are some small disadvantages, but the truth is you don’t even ponder them, when you experience the diverse beauty and novelty of life while travelling; you, in fact, feel like a new person, and life becomes a temptation for you!