Travel Blog of Pa Ul
Travel Blog of Pa Ul (Seeing and Learning Modern Art of Chinese Culture)

Travel Blog of Pa Ul

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A visual artist who writes.
Seeing and Learning Modern Art of Chinese Culture

Pa Ul and Museum of Art

On our second day at 9:00 a.m., we strolled around Victoria Harbour and went inside this beautiful museum.  While inside, my eyes was mesmerized about what I’ve seen.  There were numerous painting, sculptures, artifacts, and a lot more.  It’s a journey way back in time in the modern era.  Though I’m not familiar with Chinese culture, one thing I know is that what I’ve seen is truly inspiring.  I was astonished about how rich the culture of Chinese people is.  Sadly, I haven’t taken any photo except this which is outside the museum.

This is one of the best museums I’ve seen so far.

I’ve learned the aesthetics and different genres of Chinese modern art.  Their expression is ‘bold’ and very invigorating.  Now, I understand the importance of calligraphy in Chinese is.  The expression of lines and its thoughts is simply a form of art.  And I really like those calligraphy I’ve seen.

It is really such a great experience to be invited to exhibit your own artwork here in this world class museum. Sigh.  How I wish I could be invited to exhibit here someday together with the world’s finest young emerging artists online in the Internet.  That’s why I visited Disneyland Hong Kong on the follow day in search of Tinker Bell who might make my wish come true.

What a great museum!  But, we needed to go.  So, I and my buddy went to look for a place to eat since it’s almost noontime.  Along the way, I and my buddy have some more photo shoots at the beautiful harbor.  I felt at peace looking at the calm sea.  And I’ve seen so many people from all walks of life and from different countries strolling around too.

Visiting Museum of Art in Hong Kong is really a nice memorable experience.

— 10 months ago

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